Cincinnati Roof Repair

If you are a homeowner in the Cincinnati, OH area with roof damage, then you have come to the right place. Bone Dry Roofing has been around since 1989 and completes approximately 5,000 roof repairs across the Midwest each year.

cincinnati oh roof repair

Missing Shingles & Roof Leaks

Our Cincinnati roof repair team has been professionally trained to identify roof issues and to get them repaired correctly. Your roof isn’t something that you give much thought on a daily basis. When it rains and you seek shelter inside to keep dry, it seems pretty routine. But once you find shingles laying in your yard, notice a stain on your ceiling or have water dripping through your ceiling fan, this will quickly turn your attention to your Cincinnati roof.

Cincinnati Roof Repair – Be Proactive

The best way to repair roof damage is to catch it early. Don’t procrastinate on your Cincinnati roof repair. When addressed early on, these roof repair projects can be pretty minimal. When allowed to get worse, the repair can become much more invasive. You should have Bone Dry Roofing inspect your roof every 6 months or so. That may seem quite often, but since most damage cannot be seen from the ground and each individual storm is an opportunity for your roof to sustain damage, it’s not a bad idea to inspect it frequently.

cincinnati roof repair

Making A Roof Repair Claim in Cincinnati, Ohio

If your home does sustain damage to the roof, chimney, siding, windows, etc., the good news is that your homeowners insurance probably covers it, and Bone Dry Roofing will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to complete an insurance claim on the damage. We can’t speak for your insurance company, so you will always want to contact them directly to see how the process works with them. But we can tell you that our Cincinnati roofing crew will make the process as smooth as possible; we have a long history of working directly with the insurance agents to complete your home improvement repair project.

Cincinnati Roof Repair Steps

Following is our standard approach to a roof repair project in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

1. Even if damage only appears to be in one area of the roof, we will evaluate the entire roof. We’ll check the condition of the shingles, flashing, ventilation, and the attic. Our teams are also equipped to repair interior, exterior and masonry damage.

2. We assess the current problems and we also look for issues that may affect you in the future.

3. Bone Dry Cincinnati Roof Repair will then develop a customized roof repair plan. Every roof is different and every customer is different. Our experts will discuss with you our plan to resolve your roof problems in the most cost-effective; but more importantly, correct way.

Bone Dry Cincinnati Roof Repair

We are an industry leader in roof repair. In fact, we are the largest roofing company in the entire Midwest. In business since 1989, you can be confident that our 10-year workmanship warranty actually means something. According to the BBB, 96% of all roofing contractors go out of business within the first 2 years. We have been here for 23 years and continue to grow, giving you confidence that if something goes wrong, we’ll be around to fix it.

Our Cincinnati roof repair team, along with the entire roofing division, has been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service award for 5 consecutive years. Our superintendents are on-site during your roofing project to answer any questions that you may have and to complete a thorough walk-through at the end. If your roof repair project requires a re-roof, we typically complete that project within just a day’s time. If it’s a smaller repair, we are usually in and out within a few hours. We set up and protect your yard and plants. We also clean-up and remove our dumpster trailers at the end of the day. We have the experience needed as a Cincinnati roof repair company to provide you with an outstanding experience from start to finish on your roofing project.

cincinnati roof repair

Whether it’s from storm damage, algae buildup, general wear & tear or something else, make sure to call our Cincinnati roof repair division at 513-984-2663 for a free estimate. Our commitment to quality and integrity, combined with our experience will provide you with the most efficient quality repair job in Cincinnati, OH.